Gray’s Anatomy season 13: Shooting is over!

Cinema 12 April, 2017

That’s it, it’s time to re-pack until next year! The filming of Gray’s Anatomy season 13 has just ended.
It’s gone so fast and yet it’s almost the end of this season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy ! The show’s teams have just finished filming the Season Finale, which looks promising. As usual, Shonda Rhimes and Cie have foreseen a final upsetting episode and we are warned: everyone is in danger! According to the latest spoilers, a fire could affect the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital . Should we expect the death of one of our dear doctors? While waiting for this new drama, it’s time to party with the actors of this season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy …
Last night, the GA team celebrated the end of this season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy as it should be ! Still a success for the series of ABC that does not seem ready to stop. If many fans find that the show is a bit below this year and the plots lack spice, we are sure that Gray’s Anatomy has made us very heavy to close this season 13! Will Meredith and Nathan finally get together? Will the Minnick / Webber Wrath come to an end? Will Maggie sleep with Jackson? Who will not survive? To find out, go on May 18th for the Season Finale of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy !