Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: SPOILER leaves the series, what consequences?

Cinema 2 February, 2017

What will be the consequences for SPOILER at the end of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy? Here are some ideas …
The news fell yesterday: Jerrika Hinton, who plays Stephanie, will leave Gray’s Anatomy after season 13. After Callie last year, we’ll have to say goodbye to Dr. Edwards. Obviously, we do not yet know how the character will leave. Will Stephanie decide to leave the Gray Sloan Memorial? Will she be killed by the screenwriters? Only the future will tell us, but one thing is certain: it will leave a great void. Over the years, Stephanie has become a protagonist of the series. If it is not part of the core of the series, many intrigues entrusted to it and it’s downright become a sort of pillar for Amelia . She has the same ambition as Cristina and clearly, it was she who pushed the other interns to surpass themselves, creating the desire for her comrades to be better than her.
Jo will no doubt be devastated by the absence of Stephanie. It is “his person”, like Cristina with Meredith. Today, Jo is at the bottom, Alex risking the jail. It was also seen in an excerpt from episode 11 of season 13 Grey’s Anatomy , the hunk could spend his life behind bars. So, if we had to imagine the worst – namely Alex wearing an orange outfit – how could Jo survive the absence of her best friend and guy? Imagine if her violent ex-husband came to land, the hell that would be his life. In any case, we will have to find a replacement to Jerrika Hinton to make us forget the lack of his character.
This should not be a huge worry for the series that used to have a huge turnover in its casting. But it is true that Stephanie was an integral part of the show. So we have to reintroduce a mentally strong character, ambitious and nuanced . But we trust Shonda Rhimes and his team to offer us still nice moments. We hope nevertheless that the departure of the pretty Edwards will not be shipped like that of Callie last year. The 13 season of Grey’s Anatomy continues tonight with episode 11 . Are you saddened by this departure?