Gray’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, Vikings: The record of US audiences of the week!

Cinema 29 January, 2017

Like every Saturday, it’s time to take stock of the American audiences of your favorite series. So who’s on top, who makes a flop? Discover it now!
The return of the series continues with ever return including the famous TGIT of Shonda Rhimes with the season 13 Grey’s Anatomy , Season 6 and Scandal Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder. As every week, it’s time to find out if your favorite shows were viewed much . Sunday is the FOX series Son of Zorn who dominated the evening with 2 million viewers and a 0.9% rate. She was closely followed by The Librarians of TNT with 1.97 million fans (0.5%). Monday is on CBS that everything was as Kevin Can Wait (8.62 million and 1.7%), Two Broke Girls (7.06 million and 1.7%), Man with a Plan (7.69 million and 1.6%) and Scorpion (7.77 million and 1.3%) clearly captivated viewers. On FOX Lucifer is slightly increased (4.17 million and 1.2%) while Gotham remains stable (3.60 million and 1.2%). ABC Quantico back up slightly with 2.90 million viewers and 0.8% while on the CW Supergirl suffered a small decline (2.65 million and 0.8%) as Jane the Virgin (990 000 0 , 4%). Finally on Freeform Shadowhunters is also down with 640,000 viewers against 810,000 last week and a rate of 0.3%.
Tuesday is still dominating the NBC evening thanks to the excellent This Is Us that gathered 9.63 million viewers, 2.8% of the target followed by Chicago Fire (7.38 million, 1.8%) . CBS has yet attracted 16.21 million people in front of NCIS but with a lower rate of 1.9%. On the same chain, Bull and NCIS: New Orleans gathered 11.17 million fans, respectively (1.3%) and 9.18 million (1.1%). On FOX The Mick decline slightly (2.76 million and 1%) as The New Girl (2.35 million and 0.9%) while Bones back (3.05 million and 0.9%). On the CW superhero back down with The Flash (2.68 million and 0.9%) and Legends of Tomorrow (1.74 million, 0.6%) but ABC Agents of SHIELD remains stable (2,000,000 and 0 , 6%). Finally MTV is doing well because Teen Wolf (490,000 and 0.2%) and Sweet / Vicious (240,000 and 0.1%) are both rising.
Wednesday is Lethal Weapon on FOX, which has attracted the most viewers (6.28 million and 1.4%) while on History, Vikings remained stable (2.41 million and 0.7%). Arrow on the CW comes back with a small decline to 1.68 million viewers for a rate of 0.6% while Frequency back a little (790,000 and 0.3%). On USA, Suits slightly lower returns (1.37 million and 0.3%).
Thursday TGIT came back strongly and so is ABC that dominated the evening with Meredith, Olivia and Annalise. Grey’s Anatomy attracted 9.59 million fans and 2.6% of the target while season 6 Scandal has started on the hubcaps (7.62 million, 2%) and How to Get Away with Murder has Followed by 5.41 million people and a rate of 1.5%. On the CW Supernatural quietly continues with 1.72 million and a rate of 0.6% while Riverdale made a good start with 1,380,000 curious (0.5%). On USA Colony down a bit compared to last week (780 000 0.3%) as Nashville on CMT (930,000 and 0.2%).
Finally Friday the new episode of The Vampire Diaries on the CW drew 960,000 people and a rate of 0.3% , far behind Dr. Ken ABC (5.21 million and 1%) or Grimm NBC (4, 18 million and 0.8%). On the same channel, Emerald City suffered a small decline with 2.74 million viewers and 0.6%. What do you think ?