Han Solo, A Star Wars Story: A Jedi to the cast?

Cinema 21 April, 2017

It’s the rumor of the day! A Jedi could possibly be present at the cast of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. But beware, it’s not the one you’re thinking of!
With Rogue One , the Star Wars saga proved that we did not need Jedi and lightsaber to make a good movie in space. Moreover, because they tell the story of new characters or plunge into the past of those we already know, spin-offs can afford to ignore all these stories Complicated with the control of the Force and of the dark side. And it was quite natural that Han Solo was an inveterate skeptic, there was a good chance that his own solo film (without a word play, would not it) take a very realistic path And down-to-earth. So much so that a typical production space-opera can be realistic and down-to-earth! After all, The Jedi are not on the list of three things that we would like to see in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story . Except that … except that in the end it could not be cut. Yes, the meltynauts, according to the new rumor circulating, a Jedi would be part of the casting of the film . And be careful, not just any one!
So, no, apparently it would not be Obi-Wan and even less Yoda, who nevertheless appear to us as the ideal candidates. B ummer … According to Making Star Wars, the Jedi would actually be called Dryden Vos. ” How did the site get their hands on that name? ” You surely ask. This one would actually be written on a sheet containing the title ” Red Cup “, which is none other than the project name of the spin-off Han Solo. What’s more, the rumor claims that this character would hold an important role in the plot. On the other hand, the idea that he is a Jedi is only the product of pure speculation. In fact, this is not the first time that the name ” Vos ” Is mentioned in the universe of Star Wars . And it’s not the fans of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series that will tell us the opposite! Because Obi-Wan and Anakin repeatedly cross the path of a certain Quinlan Vos, a Jedi who is also repeatedly tempted by the dark side and appears even in Star Wars comics . So Your Dryden, provided it is well present in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story , is it related in one way or another to the character, which would make him a Jedi or not this is Is it a mere chance ? To know, it will probably be (very) patient. Meanwhile, it is known that Han Solo: A Star Wars Story should be very different from Rogue One … and so could integrate a surviving Jedi! Would you like to see a Jedi in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story?