Han Solo, A Star Wars Story: Thandie Newton tease a very different movie

Cinema 5 June, 2017

Thandie Newton (Westworld) recently spoke on her work on Han Solo, A Star Wars Story. And apparently, it is very different from everything she has done so far!
It took a while, but that’s it, now that the shooting of Han Solo, A Star Wars Story has begun, more details about the film surface. We have recently been able to discover a small video of the shooting that looks like a podcar race, with Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) a priori behind the wheel. So we want to learn more about the spin-off realized by Chris Lord and Phil Miller! Unfortunately, up to that point, details have become scarce, either on his own plot or on his characters, some of whom, for example, Emilia Clarke, do not yet have names. So, question script, to have a little something to put in the tooth right now, It is necessary to turn to the statements of the actors , who shamelessly tease their opinions on the script and filming of Han Solo, A Star Wars Story . And recently, it was Thandie Newton who spoke, implying that the film was extremely different from everything she had done so far.
In a small interview with The Wrap, the actress, whose role is – surprise – still completely unknown, has enthusiastically teased what she thought of her work on the film. And she says, ” It’s fantastic, I love it, it’s very different from anything I’ve done or anything I’ve been doing, I can not tell you why . It’s just very different, okay? It’s just really very different . ” Of course, the words of Thandie Newton gives us absolutely NO indication about her character – except that she appreciates it visibly. What, in itself, tends to intrigue us, in melty. Because we talk anyway of the actress who plays Maeve, an androïde mother bitch in Westworld ! And that, in terms of different roles, it is hardly better . Too bad that the actress is not like Woody Harrelson who, he, did not hesitate to teaser the state of mind of the character that he plays in Han Solo, A Star Wars Story ! What do you expect from the film?