Han Solo, A Star Wars Story: The 3 Things You Would Like to See in the Movie

Cinema 6 March, 2017

The filming of the Spin Off Star Wars focused on Han Solo is underway and we reveal 3 things we would like to see in the film.
After the success of the first Spin Off Star Wars Rogue One , Disney is rather comfortable for the film centered on Han Solo and his youth. Star Wars is a saga that makes you dream and this new film tackles one of the most emblematic characters, even if it changes face and will no longer be played by Harrison Ford . The good news is that Alden Ehrenreich promises to be a replacement for the Top and we look forward to seeing him at work. Han Solo, A Star Wars Story looks quite different from the films of the saga discovered so far and we have particular expectations that we wish to share with you, to know if we all agree!
Discover new worlds / planets – All the interest of doing a Spin Off and getting out of the original saga and proposing new things. We would like to discover a film that tells us more about the saga, which plunges us a little more into this universe that we love so much. The film about Han Solo should not rest only on the character and we would particularly like to discover new, new species and the good news is that we should learn more about the black market of the galaxy and its smuggling …
More details about the friendship between Chewbacca and Han Solo – They are one of the favorite duets of fans of the Star Wars saga and we would like that this perfect relationship is really in the film. One does not necessarily want to relive their encounter, but one would really like the dialogues and certain scenes of the film accentuate the connection between the two personages.
A funny and light film with a new villain – We want a film that resembles the character of Han Solo who never loses an opportunity to use humor or sarcasm, even in the worst situations. We would also like the plot not to turn around the dark side of the force or a villain like Darth Vader or Kylo Ren … Since this is a story about the early Han Solo, Clearly had to have other cats to whip! What do you expect from this Spin Off on Han Solo?