Han Solo, A Star Wars Story: What if Han Solo was not his real name?

Cinema 13 May, 2017

A statement from the CEO of Disney was enough for the canvas to ignite: Han Solo might not be the real name of the character? Let us decrypt this theory, rather freaky.
Last March, Disney CEO Bob Iger was giving details on the Star Wars spin off of Han Solo, including a six-year intrigue . Among his revelations were the following: “The film about Han Solo will follow the character from its 18 years to its 24 years and we will see him find the Falcon, meet Chewbacca and get his name.” Now, read again the last part of this sentence : “Get his name” . If for most of us it means we’re just going to find out how the most stylish smuggler in the galaxy has earned its reputation, some fans have taken that statement literally. What if Han Solo did not always call Han Solo? The idea may seem delusional, but it is not enough for the addicts of the saga on Reddit to ignite and try to imagine the original name of the pilot. We do not hide from you that it made us laugh, so we share it with you.
The palm of the most unpleasant theory probably belongs to this surfer who postulates that the name Han would come … from the name of his dog. No, do not look, there is nothing to understand . Another Internet user is amused to guess the real name of Han Solo (assuming that this theory is true, of course ) using the name of his son, Ben Solo – reconverted in Kylo Ren because for him The dark side of the Force is still a bit more swag, in short, you know the story. As a result, it could give a surname resembling Hanjamin. Or Ren Solo. Or Han Ren. You’re not convinced? As one fan pointed out, maybe we just need to understand the words of the CEO of Disney like this: yes, Han Solo is not his real name, Since he never knew his family. So, he would have named himself Han Solo because, as far as to do, so choose a cool name, does not it. In any case, the least that can be said is that this theory a little pulled by the hair made much talk on Reddit! On our side, we’ve already made a list of things we’d like to see in Han Solo, A Star Wars Story . So, does this theory seem delusional or possible? A Star Wars Story . So, does this theory seem delusional or possible? A Star Wars Story . So, does this theory seem delusional or possible?

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