Hat, these fusions of characters were successful while it is well snack

Cinema 6 March, 2017

It is an idea that often springs up in the minds of writers, as attractive as it is complicated to manage. So when it is done well, it must be said, film or comic.
Spock and Bones
Before he died at the end of the second film (“Khan’s Wrath”), Spock linked his katra, that is, his soul, to McCoy’s body. So, it happens to Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy to speak with Spock’s voice, to use his own words, when he dreams and his mind is invaded by Spock . Then in the 3 (“In Search of Spock”), the project is clear: recover the body of Spock, regenerate it with the unique properties of the planet Genesis and hop, return to normal. Before the mix in McCoy’s mind would be fatal, it makes him crazy. Perilous mission accomplished, BG.
Voldemort and Quirrell
It’s at the beginning, when Voldemort leaves from a distance. When he does not yet have his own body, always to wander, following the destruction of his physique due to the rebound of his spell on Harry, baby and protected by his mother. Professor Quirrell offers him his body, to be his ship , the time that the-one-must-not-pronounce-the-name does rebuild his own. The two individuals remain very distinct, each speaking to the other, who responds to him, with the front face for Quirrell and Voldemort in the back of the skull. A little chelou but it passes.
During a fight, Magneto cuts out Wolverine in all directions and removes the adamantium from his bones. Professor X wants to intervene, it falls into Magneto’s mind to calm him … and finds himself merge with him. The two mutants give Onslaught, a second personality in Xavier , of which he himself does not seem to be aware. Powers of power, an enormous size, the swallowing of two other characters (Nate Gray, Franklin Richards), it goes away. Fortunately, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four were there.
The composite Superman
Still the result of a mad scientist. Professor Ivo cloned the entire members of the League of Justiciers but it is a little gone. Result: Super-super-powerful super-villain, with the appearance of Superman and Batman . Their costumes, their faces, and even their personal private lives. Why these two? For each one had intervened in the battles of the other, interposing between one and his enemies.
The superior Spiderman
When Doc Ock dies with a slow fire, he decides to exchange body with Peter Parker. Without really concerting the latter, of course. Not completely con, not victim to the end, Peter leaves his memories and his moral attached to his body . This changes the personality of Octavius, always intelligent and ambitious, but now influenced by the cravings of Spiderman. Then he takes up the challenge, some time. Before cracking, too tempted, one day, and returning his body to Peter Parker. Frankly, it’s still not bad when the mix goes well?