Homeland season 6: SPOILER dead, angry fans!

Cinema 11 April, 2017

Last night, Season 6 of Homeland ended on Showtime, with a panting episode in which one of the main characters unfortunately did not survive.
After a sixteenth saw-through season, Homeland ended with an open-ended plot that already foreshadowed what awaits us in Season 7 – since the series has already been renewed for two more seasons. If this end is rather satisfactory and leaves us head full of questions, there is a scene of this final season that is far from having satisfied us. Attention, the rest of this article contains spoilers on the final, including the name of the character who lost his life. Indeed, one of the main characters of the series was killed while Carrie tried to save the life of the President of the United States. And it’s Peter Quinn . As you know, he just missed death at the end of last season.
However, Quinn was present in this sixth chapter of Homeland , the showrunners pretending that they wanted to show how the wounded of war lived. The survival of Peter Quinn after the chemical attack he had suffered in Berlin is quite fired by the hair, you are granted it, but we were still happy to have this character in the series. We had wondered whether the return of Quinn in season 6 of Homeland was a good idea or not . Quinn is one of the most popular characters in the series, and many fans have already expressed their sorrow and anger on social networks as you can see above . In addition, the series did not offer him farewells worthy of the name, Since the intrigue resumes six weeks later and is not even seen at his funeral. The fans criticize the series for having sent his death, while he considered it the “heart of the show” . What do you think of the death of Peter Quinn?