House of Cards season 5: 3 things to remember from the explosive trailer!

Cinema 3 May, 2017

Discover what to remember about the season 5 trailer of House of Cards, which will be available on Netflix as of May 30th.
This month, Netflix will regale us with the new seasons of Sense8, Master of None and House of Cards . So we’ll have a lot of series to watch – but honestly, it does not bother anyone – and we’re looking forward to seeing the rest of our favorite Netflix series. Among them there is, as we said, House of Cards , of which Netflix will unveil the fifth season on May 30th . And to prepare us psychologically, the platform of SVOD finally unveiled the trailer of this new season, and you can discover it below! This year, the wait was longer than expected to return to the series, as it is usually broadcast in February or March.
In view of the images of this trailer, there is no doubt that this new chapter in the history of the Underwood looks equally – if not more – gloomy than the previous ones. Since the images scroll at a crazy pace, the editor of melty offers to discover the three elements that must be remembered of this trailer. First of all, Frank is more pitiless and disdainful than ever towards his American fellow citizens . While the United States undergoes Trump’s regime, it seems that House of Cards does not leave its share to the dog and takes the opportunity to bring its critical point of view on the current American situation, via the character of Frank Underwood himself – it is only necessary to listen to his speech . There are also signs of demonstrators, one of which says “Not my President” , the same slogan was used after the election of Donald Trump. More than ever Frank is ready to do anything to win this election, even if the strong way is to be used. Moreover, many images of violence are shown, which reinforces the idea that this is not going to be an easy and joyful season.
Then, it is clear that manipulations, conspiracies and machinations will remain vigorous. The character of Michael Kelly, Doug, seems still to be embarked in unclear stories, which will lead him perhaps even to plunge into alcohol … And who says conspiracies and machinations, says necessarily that there will always be People to try to find the truth, like Tom Hammerschmidt, the editor of the Washington Herald that we can see investigating. Finally, in spite of marital problems in season 4, the Underwood seem to be more united than ever in order to remain at the head of the world’s first power for the next four years – and more so affinities . However, it can also be seen that they will continue to have extra-marital relationships, Including Frank with a new lover, who for the moment is unknown to us. If many things are still mysterious, we are really looking forward to this season 5 of House of Cards, which has new casting actors . What do you think of this trailer?