How to Get Away wih Murder Season 3: Episode 9 Goodbye SPOILER our critical

Cinema 18 November, 2016

After weeks of waiting, ABC aired last night the final mid-season to season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, which has finally unveiled us who was under the sheet all along. Attention SPOILERS.

how-to-get-away-with-murder-saison-3-episodeIt had been weeks we waited and after you proposed two excerpts from episode 9 of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder , now is our criticism that reveals you. Beware of spoilers for those who have not seen the episode! In “Who’s Dead?”, Students Annalise Keating pass their examination of defending a known criminal in the United States, Ted Bundy. The explanation for their trial is broken by the end of the scene in which Frank turned threatens suicide before Bonnie and Annalise and the parallels are hard to ignore between Frank and the killer Ted Bundy. It’s finally happening to Bonnie convince in the few scenes where she ascendancy over Annalise and where it passed its own needs before those of Annalise . This time both touching and unsettling have a violent effect on the lawyer who begins to accumulate too much to bear the situation.
After the exam – all students passed – Annalise offer champagne to share his class and go about their business, ie do some cleaning her home after learning that the prosecutor’s office, and Nate, were following always close. I must say that the charges accumulate and nothing like a little too mean-spirited speech villain from Nate to push Annalise find her favorite vodka and get rid of troublesome files much clutter her house as its past . The next step is to seek help from Bonnie with which it reform a link was broken and as usual, it’s Bonnie who gets stuck and will ask Frank to take responsibility all to redeem himself … Meanwhile in the Keating Five escalates between Connor who is left with the former Oliver, Michaela who struggles with her mother and Laurel and Wes where things get complicated given their difficult past and the lack of confidence it causes.
Throw in a good dose of champagne and young adults are obtained on edge and a little too francs towards each autres.Après a relatively soft start, the episode is accelerating the discovery of Rebecca’s body and querying Wes about it. Meanwhile, Annalise convene its fine team at home and going to see Oliver and asked him to hack the files of the prosecutor. Come then – finally – the scenes that we have already seen in the flash-forwards that have dotted throughout the season. Laurel goes to Nate and Annalise just after a few seconds before the house explodes. One by one, the Keating Five meet distraught at the hospital and while all clues point to Nate, it is himself who comes to the morgue to lift the famous cloth beneath which lies Wes Gibbins, lifeless and disfigured by the flames .
Both say that this one, we did not see coming and we were far from imagining that Pete Nowalk would dare to get rid of one of the key characters of the series in the final mid-season. In seconds, Wes Gibbins becomes in turn the mystery, murder to be resolved and the case which will examine perhaps the Keating Four and their teacher if their pain does not stop. ABC sign an episode reversing worthy of the reputation of the series, full of tension and mystery until the last minute. at this time suspense adds the emotion of a farewell scene as touching as beautiful, with maestro orchestrated by showing us the reactions of all Wes friends on a remarkable musical background . Who killed Wes? Nate he finally avenge all qu’Annalise and his team have done it? Obviously and as usual the questions are legion and it will take this time to wait until January for answers. To help you wait, discover the various appointments How to Get Away with Murder the People’s Choice Awards 2017 ! And you, what did you think of the episode?