How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Episode 12, Bonnie’s Victory, Our Critic

Cinema 10 February, 2017

New week, new turnarounds in a new season 3 episode of How to Get Away with Murder! Check out our criticism and attention to spoilers.
Who says New Week says New Season 3 episode of How to Get Away with Murder and the mystery around Wes’s death continues in “Go Cry Somewhere Else”. This week, the tension and the suspense have been at the rendezvous and we begin to wonder if we will really have the answer on the murderer of Wes before the end of the season … The young man who died in the ” The final winter’s fire came back on our little screens for a few flashbacks, as we are used to. The key scene was obviously the one where Bonnie asked Frank to follow Wes but not to hurt him and the second flashback at the end of the episode had thus tossed the suspicions of Frank to Nate, who was well with Annalise In the company of Wes the evening of the fire. In the present, episode 12 has well advanced the plot with Laurel’s hospital discharge and Wes’s funeral – as difficult as one could imagine. If on the one hand we saw a certain rapprochement between the Keating 4 and Oliver, on the other the break between Frank and the rest of the group is always more marked.
Now that Frank is an integral part of Annalize’s trial, Bonnie tries at all costs to make him wear the hat despite Laurel’s certainty that Frank could not have killed Wes. It was indeed out of anger that she had been guilty of it, but she, like all the others, knew that the real murderer was still running. However, in addition to Frank, it is not the volunteers who are missing since even Annalise’s mother, who visits her in prison, offers to confess the fire and therefore the murder of Wes to help him out of prison. Fortunately there will be no need for that since Bonnie finally ends up making the judge listen reason when Laurel and Nate discover that the body of Wes has disappeared and that there will be no second Autopsy . Without concrete evidence, Annalise is finally released. So that the misfortune of some makes the happiness of the others and it falls rather well since the vise tightens around the Keating Four and their teacher after Oliver also passed by the interrogation box, not without having been prepared by His little comrades.
Yet the ace of computers has more than one trick in his bag since he confesses to Connor at the end of the episode that he made a copy of the phone that Annalise asked him to erase. Will they find clues as to who set the house on fire? Or is Nate really the culprit, as the end flashback lets us think? Still more questions after a touching episode and which finally stopped the descent into the underworld of Annalise. One wonders moreover how the reunion will take place between her and her small team in the next episode of which you can see the video promo above. It must be said that throughout his imprisonment, Connor, Asher, Michaela and Laurel have constantly doubted his guilt and what to do: help him to protect himself or let him take responsibility for All their crimes. In all cases one always comes back to the same point: they all have the power to be plunged and it is therefore a forced confidence that unites them. While waiting to learn more about Wes’ death, discover the How to Get Away with Murder ranking in our top January series! And you, what did you think of the episode?