Hulu prepares the grand return of Howard the duck and four new animated series Marvel

Cinema 12 February, 2019






Although the current period is conducive to revivals, there are some returns that we had never imagined. And it is not far to say that, in a normal world, this should not occur. This does not prevent us to be happy.

Howard… a new breed of heroes is one of those cult movies that a lot of people talking and few people have seen the final. And it is a shame, because the long-feature film, Willard Huyck is worth a damn checking out. If only because it is one of the greatest failures of George Lucas who has done everything at the time to bury him, in vain. If only because we see a duck extra-dimensional being having encounters with the mother of Marty McFly and the rock. Two good reasons therefore of hurrying on the lower copy, which would pass nearby.


Yeah, it is clearly worth the detour


In 2014, James Gunn had offered us a nice big gag at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy by showing the new version of Howard, with a cocktail in hand. A big foot nose to George Lucas when Disney came to redeem Star Wars, as to taunt him by making him understand that, to him, he did not reject and thatit was to be expected that Howard comes back a moment.

It took 5 years for that to be the case, because Marvel has just announced officially the construction of 4 animated series original and a telefilm for the network Hulu. Howard the duck, so that will be written and produced by Kevin Smith and Dave Willis, and we will tell so, the attempt of the duck to return to his home with the help of Beverly before the awful Dr. Bong does not reach its purposes and turns it into breast.


Version James Gunn


M. O. D. O. K. will be written and produced by Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum, and we will talk about the famous big head super nasty but with a little body who, here, will be in trouble with his subordinates and his family, on whom he is trying to have the maximum authority. Hit-Monkey, written and produced by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, will stage a monkey super sturdy, trained by the ghost of a murderer american and sinks in the shallows of Tokyo in search of revenge.


The Offenders, so…


Tigra & Dazzler Show, written and produced by Chelsea Handler, and Erica Rivinoja, we will in the daily life of Tigra and Dazzler, two super-heroines friends who are trying to get a place in Los Angeles in this environment can no longer be competitive. And all this beautiful world will come together in a telefilm exceptional, named The Offenders , and supervised by Jeff Loeb. Or how good cum in the mouth of Netflix in a few seconds.

For the moment no release date has been unveiled but, be reassured, in view of the characters and topics, Hulu and Marvel are not planning to make series for children. There was interest, yeah.


Has when the encounter with Spider-Man ?