If kids meet these actors in Santa Claus, it will be the last Christmas party they will want to celebrate

Cinema 20 December, 2016

We all already wanted to make a little believe that Papa Noel is actually a villain. In case it would make him want to celebrate Christmas. With these actors, guaranteed success.

Liam Neeson
Authoritarian. Clearly the guy not to shit. He’s calm and normal, until you shoot it to end and there, there sanction . The blue eyes piercing, the hand of a disproportionate size that tears your head, the low voice that makes you tremble: the one who played Ras’Al Ghum in “The Dark Knight Rises” or the father breaks mouth in “Taken “Would be a Santa Claus anti-chouineries.
Tom Hardy
Violent. The top step compared to Liam Neeson, it is immediately in the fight. No need to irritate him, he is already. It is like that, there are peaceful people and warlike people. Born in his roles (Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Bronson”, John Fitzgerald in “The Revenant”), Tom Hardy often embodies a bastard who likes to provoke and type. The kids are gonna be received …
Jack Nicholson
Flippant. It does not matter much, besides it is almost difficult to explain. For in the background, the American does not have a head to play Frankestein or Elephant Man. His look, on the other hand, teases you. You can see madness, tell you: “He fished a bolt him oh.” Look at “Shining”, or “Batman Returns”. And even in “Flying over a Cuckoo’s Nest”, despite the fact that he is a “nice”, he remains border line and it is not the kind of guy you want to cross in the last train , Which will hold your leg and stress.
Danny Trejo
Impressive. Not sure that the costume holds, considering the physique of the good man. If it is cheap, it will crack direct. And it will take a good beard and a good makeup otherwise no kid will come to make the picture … A head of guy who made the jail (it falls well, Danny Trejo made it), scars, a sharp look, protruding muscles : You say yes to everything. You do not argue, do not chip. If he gives you the dirty sock he wore at the moment, you say thank you . Perfect for parents who dream of saving money, kids will be much less demanding with such a Santa Claus.
François Damiens
Heavy. Although he has a priest’s head, it is not the most dangerous. It’s his ability to break your balls for a long time, on a word, something stupid and push you to the end. Kind more kid than a kid. Send him a kid, he’ll do a “Live my life Dad”: it will fall on a stubborn guy sucks, who can lose 3 hours if necessary for an insignificant thing and laugh only without embarrassment. The child will be all confusing and Santa has made him lose all innocence on this holiday.
Willem Dafoe
Worrying. It could have a handsome head, if he had not that air of schizophrenic . While Jack Nicholson seems well aware of his scary side, Willem Dafoe is angry because he does not control himself. Unpredictable, it is not a surprise if he shone in Jopling in “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and especially in Norman Osborne / The Green Jester in the “Spiderman”. In addition to a disturbing look, his smile suggests that he is possessed. Finally, “possedey”.
You wonder if he listens to you or thinks completely of something else. Even he is not sure.
Christoph Waltz
Insensitive. When you see the roles he connects, you think he still plays great the guy no heart, no pity . We can also say “the fucker” but it is not friendly and a bit virulent. The Nazi colonel in “Inglorious Bastards”, the bounty hunter in “Django Unchained”, the enemy of 007 in “Specter”: that inhuman bastards. The kid who approaches him feels like a wave of cold that numbs him, no element of response (verbal, gestural) reassuring. He will not draw anything from it, it is lost.
The magic of Christmas must carry it, that’s for sure.
Paul Dano
Imbalance. His physique of gringalet suggests that it presents no danger. Why not! The small brown to shifty eyes embodies what is more devious here below . Paul Dano has a guy’s head shy, harmless, almost a victim of college. And in fact, it’s him who stops you, martyrs you, makes you sing. Look at it in “12 years a slave” and “Prisoners” … Even in “Little Miss Sunshine”, you wonder when it’s going to skid.
The smile that does everything but put you in confidence.
Tcheky Karyo
Invasive. The kind of guy who does not respect anything and believes himself everywhere at home. He makes his law where and when it sings, nothing to jerk. The ultimate? In “Dobermann”, when Tchéky Karyo plays Inspector Cristini. Imagine it in Santa Claus: he comes home by breaking the door, settles down at the table, ends the dishes, fucks his feet on the table, calls the kids and questions them muscularly about the mistakes of their lives and their Spit in the mouth that they do not deserve to give. And Father Christmas leaves and slams the door. It was the last Christmas party that the children wanted to celebrate, after that you are quiet. Which would be the worst in your opinion?