If so, these films have won an Oscar

Cinema 27 February, 2017

You forgot him, too, everybody. Even today, it shocks a little, one wonders how they did. However, they have their names on the list.
The Oscars is a bit like the Ballon d’Or during the era of the condominium with the Fifa. Sometimes films deserve a reward, cumulate the nominations, are approached to win … and leave empty-handed. While others, judged only passable, even mediocre, managed to catch a statuette . As when Cannavaro won in 2006, you were confused.
8 Mile
Do not worry, this film about Eminem’s life has obviously not been voted best film , no better script or brought any reward to the rapper’s acting. Still not. But the film saw its original soundtrack pretty much appreciated, and Eminem left with the statuette of the best song.
Beyond our dreams
An ambitious film that does not meet its own goals. Dealing with life after death, we see a Robin Williams who was trying to do his best, without succeeding in transporting us, simply because he does not have the material . On the background of religion, dramatic reflection and diverse manipulation on subjects such as family and love, one actually sees a very beautiful film from a purely visual point of view (hence the Oscar for the best special effects) , But nothing more profound than that.
The Wolfman
The story could have been exciting, the cast was pretty good, the special effects not bad either … But no! The film did not mark the spirits. We get bored, we feel like watching a TV movie … So ok, the film got the Oscar for the best makeup, but even that is limited. And then Anthony Hopkins as a monster out of a cross with a hamster …
My cousin Vinny
Comedy without much pretension, it looks, two hours, quiet. You come out like that, without violence. And you forget the movie pretty quickly. And so, you forgot that Marissa Tomei had won the Oscar for the best supporting role , as Mona Lisa Vito. OK why not. But at the same time, why …
Paul Haggis embarked on a complicated subject: racial tensions in Los Angeles. For many, it has missed in wide widths. The message is so hammered, so heavy, so pompous that it is heavy. It spoils the thing. The characters are all clichés on legs . And the film still had the Oscar for the best photography. In front of “A history of violence” and “Brokeback Moutain” in particular, whose images were also magnificent. See more.
Pearl Harbor
A film about Japan’s suicide attack against the United States in the second world war, which will cause the fall of the Asian country and terrible consequences … We could have seen a rather dark, introspective film about nature Our violence. Except that Michael Bay took care of it, so it sent heavy and then that’s it . Ah yes, there was also a love story like secondary plot. In any case, explosions and scenes of burglars apparently convinced the judges to hand over to the film the Oscar for the best sound mixing. Do you still have other movies that you had hallucinated to win an Oscar?