If you’re addicted to gambling, these movies make you relive too many tricks

Cinema 7 March, 2017

In the cinema, we can talk about everything. Including gambling and people who go crazy when they pass the doors of a casino.
There is bound to be something to be learned. The simple emotion, the adrenaline, the possibility to change a life, the choking failures, to know how to keep calm, when to stop … Mine of nothing, through the games of cards, the blackjack, the roulette and other, Learn life lessons . At worst, you spend two hours watching a good movie.
Rain Man
Charlie Babbitt is a player, and a ruined player. So when he learns that he must perceive an inheritance, it is a miracle. Except … that it passes under his nose. Then he seeks out why, to whom the money has gone. And he discovers that he has an autistic brother, Raymond Hoffman. Which shows incredible abilities when it comes to mathematics and calculation. What does Charlie do? He takes her to Las Vegas for a ride, as if by chance . And in addition, the two brothers end up making real bonds. Is not that nice?
——- 1 ——-
Scams, crimes and botany
You surely know “Snatch” of Guy Ritchie, and well this one remains in the same vein. And of the same time. In the shallows, with lascars, to the rather limit-limit behaviors. Here we see four friends collecting all their money to allow the best of them to challenge Harry Lonsdale to the cards . Problem: their champion Eddy is plucked, the game was rigged. He palms everything and the four thugs find themselves in the uncomfortable position of owing money to a big ugly.
——- 2 ——-
The Scam
The film dates a little but did not take a wrinkle. Released in 1973, he had won several awards: photo, screenplay, best director. Then, when you have Robert Redford and Paul Newman at the cast, it’s not disgusting. Inspired by real facts, taking up the misdeeds of real scammers who confided in David Maurer’s book (“The Big Coin”), the film shows us a certain Johnny Hooker tempted the risky shot of the Pigeon Drop. Give his thunes hoping for a return on investment, based on trust. There, Johnny bet $ 11,000 in cash to catch a larger sum afterwards. Obviously, he has in front of a bastard, organized crime boss, Doyle Lonnegan …
——- 3 ——-
Ocean’s Eleven
You want the example of a guy who never stops? Take Danny Ocean. While he is incarcerated, he only thinks of one thing: to point the biggest casinos in Las Vegas . As a project of reconversion and awareness, we saw better. His partner, Rusty Ryan, is hot boiling, so the two companions recruit a shock team. Seen the casting and the realization, you can only love. Without much pretension, you have a lot of fun. The actors too, apparently.
——- 4 ——-
A classic. Perhaps even THE classic in casino and gaming movies. Sent to Las Vegas by the Chicago Mafia, Sam Rothstein runs a casino and has to make sure that the interests of his clan are respected, protected . Accompanied by his friend, Nicky Santoro, everything rolls. They do biff, they control the city. Then the machine stops. A woman not simple, a stubborn cop, skidding … Another good Scorsese. If you had to retain only one, what would it be?