In fact it is not at all a good time to go to the hotel in the movies

Cinema 6 January, 2017

You think about holidays, romantic weekends or travel all expenses paid by your box. While in movies, this is usually not good sign.
It is funny this faculty of filmmakers to fuck our little dreams. Already the majority of films that go on a beautiful deserted island turns out to be a monumental hassle, now they ransack another of our ideas: the hotel is now pleasure, relaxation , celebration. Wrong! It’s shit. Here are some examples.
People who hide
When you are not super serene, that you must move from your home for x reasons, bah you do like everyone, you go to the hotel. Yeah, you’re not gonna put your friends in the shit with you. This is the case of Llewelyn Moss in “No Country for Old Men” which is followed by a non stop cold killer wishing to retrieve a suitcase full of cash . And from Butch in “Pulp Fiction”, after he did not keep his promise to Marsellus to lie down. Or poor Tutsi who take refuge in a hotel, pursued by the Hutus, in the genocide, in the poignant movie “Hotel Rwanda”.
People who go crazy
How not to think of Jack Torrance in “Shining”? The writer galley to write his new book, he does not advance. Breakdown of inspiration and problem of concentration. “Come on darling, air is changed, it will do us good .” And the guy completely unpinned … Or for Barton Fink (feature film), working tirelessly but unsuccessfully, disgusted and disturbed by strange people , doubting gradually his own sanity.
People depressed, headed
You have two for the price of one in “Lost in translation”. Bob, an actor on the decline which is found in Japan to shoot a commercial for the con must make money , and Charlotte, a young woman accompanying her husband and moving pro who finds himself lost, alone, isolated . In short, the perfect place to cogitate, to think about your life and to turn in circles to ruminate. A little in the same genre but worse: Leonard in “Memento”. Become amnesic, in search of the killer of his wife, the guy goes through moments slightly complicated …
In lostness.
Kidnappers, sequestors and killers
So a single character does not have to cumulate all that but it happens quickly. Once you have kidnapped someone, you usually carry him against his will. So there’s sequestration. After that, the murder is optional. Given the fact that this kind of situation can quickly slip, the probabilities are high. What happens to the driver in “Drive”, by the way. After a failed robbery, he hangs up with a girl, Blanche. Especially to interrogate him and make him spit the piece because he feels the blow of a bitch. Tangles confirmed when two guys show up for the smoke, he finally manages to knock out single . In short, we are far from friendly relations and it pisses the blood. Another delirium: people stuck by a storm who are eliminated one by one by an unidentified killer, in “Identity”.
Deceptions or petty pleasures
That, for the moment, is also true. The little “5 to 7” at the exit of the office between two consenting adults, of which at least one trumps his spouse … And bah it is ugly. You can say what you want, it’s not great as a way of doing things. As Sam and Marion in “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock . Otherwise there is the classic of the guy alone, who comate in front of the screen and zappe endless until the moment he falls on a porn. And there, of course, he stops zaping. It’s life, okay. Nevertheless, it is not folichon like evening / night.
The safe place to do business with a sex worker
Rather than showing you a pickup truck on a dark, dirty street, we prefer it to happen in a hotel room. This is supposed to make classier, cleaner, I guess . Let us admit, on form. As for the substance, I’m sorry, it does not change anything. You pay for “sprinter the one-legged” eh. And when the guys grow vice, as in “Sin City”, they make you a mix of tied relationship + murder. I’m telling you, the hotel is not eggy actually. You still manage to see the hotel as a magical place, you?