These ends of series that have ruined everything, but then everything!

While Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf will end very soon in the United States, return on all those ends of series that absolutely spoiled everything ...

11 May, 2017
The mindfuck series that takes a long time to understand but which make think

We've all watched one or more, sometimes the series entertain but also reflect, and that's what's good!
No, the series are not always made to ...

11 May, 2017
OSEF info: Kim Kardashian, you will never guess how many followers she lost because of her buttocks

Bad buzz for Kim Kardashian! While she recently panicked the Web with her buttocks, the latter have just lost him followers. Hello the OSEF info ... ...

28 April, 2017
Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, The Walking Dead: These characters who should have died but who have finally survived!

While the majority of the series are currently in a break, the editor of melty has wanted to come back on all those characters who should have died ...

14 April, 2017
Johnny Depp: Violence, bankruptcy, divorce … back on his descent into hell!

Times are hard for Johnny Depp! While he has always been the most bankable actor of the sphere people, in recent years have been more than painful ...

1 February, 2017
In fact it is not at all a good time to go to the hotel in the movies

You think about holidays, romantic weekends or travel all expenses paid by your box. While in movies, this is usually not good sign.
It is funny ...

6 January, 2017
Passengers, Alien, Gravity … When being alone in space is not a part of pleasure

To find oneself alone in space, it is not always nice. Alien, Passengers, Gravity ... all these examples will prove to you that above the clouds, it ...

28 December, 2016