These ends of series that have ruined everything, but then everything!

Cinema 11 May, 2017

While Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf will end very soon in the United States, return on all those ends of series that absolutely spoiled everything for the fans!
There is abuse! And yes the meltynauts, some series that we have sometimes cherished for years have offered us episodes of simply shameful ends. As big fans as we were, we were expecting the grandiose and spectacular and instead, we regularly had to content ourselves with deplorable ends. They were sometimes open, sometimes unjust or downright disgusting to the point that our favorite characters found themselves in horrible or particularly grotesque situations . So, a few weeks from the end of Teen Wolf , Pretty Little Liars and maybe even from Once Upon A Time, let’s go back to all those ends of the series that have ruined everything but then really everything!
Gossip Girl
The end of the series that followed the adventures of Blair, Serena, Nate or even Chuck could be translated as bullshit and company. With six seasons of love and betrayal, we had become rags in a lethargic state. Because if the show began to seriously get out of breath, a mystery and a single one kept us in suspense: who was the mysterious Gossip Girl? And it is at the end of a series Finale a little pulled by the hair that we learned that Lonely Boy hid behind this pseudo not so much wanted from the beginning. Mouais … It is still hard to believe that the screenwriters were not acidic by laying ourselves such an end . The gringalet that gave lessons to everyone would have so-called unveiled to the whole earth that his little sister had lost her virginity with Chuck Bass? NO WAY, WE DO NOT BUY IT! This is how to spoil a mystery that had started so well!
Gilmore Girls
The seventh season of the series based on the love affects of the duo mother / daughter Gilmore remains today the part that does not pass at all for the fans of the first hour. In addition to not being orchestrated by Amy Sherman-Palladino, he had a bitter taste until the end by offering us to close Gilmore Girls on a Rory who refuses to marry Logan after an ultimatum – What The Hell – and Who was about to leave without even turning over. If we finally had the right to a sequel, imagine what our existence would have been if we had to let this cult series end in this way . We wanted to kiffer to the end us!
The Vampire Diaries
Here is a wound that is still very fresh in our memories! Last March, the CW’s flagship series was reverent after eight years of loyal service. In addition to going away with a reduced season, The Vampire Diaries also decided to kill Stefan Salvatore . He who had always done his best to be good and to go ahead, he who had just married, he who deserved so much better. How can Julie Plec dare to say that she has given us a happy ending? Open your eyes, we all have broken heart in the room! Eventually, maybe we’ll get a spin-off in a few years on the CW . Fingers crossed, guys!
Veronica Mars
Neptune’s pretty detective kept us in suspense for three seasons but decided to leave with an open end just plain deplorable. Not a day passed without we wondered if the couple LoVe had finally found and if the young woman had managed to become the best investigator of the United States. Even though Veronica Mars has offered us a sequel, this end of season 3 still remains across the throat . It must be said that our heroine had experienced such trials that we would have liked to see her get her happy ending immediately and not several years later.
LOST it was the series taken of head par excellence but we will not lie, we took our foot while tasting it. More mysterious you die, she took a cunning pleasure to raise mysteries at each episode and to make us cogitate like machines. So when the end was announced, we all jumped to the ceiling so we were eager to have all the answers to our questions . We had it in the bone as the series ended up on a question mark. Especially since everything ended with a great light in the sky and very foolish reunion. What to break the mysterious and sometimes even scary charm of the show!
How I Met Your Mother
The sitcom by the group of five friends is, without any doubt, the first of our rankings. After having waited eight years to discover the identity of the mother, it took only one season to make it die and fuck Ted in the arms of Robin. Really? All that for this ! Especially since the final chapter was still focused on the marriage of Barney and Robin and ended on their divorce . When we know that the majority of the series centered on the reasons that proved that Ted and Robin had nothing together, there was something to yell! But what do you want? We’ll have to live with it. Speaking of delicate things, discover the list of all those heroes who have joined the dark side .