The mindfuck series that takes a long time to understand but which make think

Cinema 11 May, 2017

We’ve all watched one or more, sometimes the series entertain but also reflect, and that’s what’s good!
No, the series are not always made to gobble in front of the TV and empty the brain. If, for example, we are allowed to take a little interest in politics , others call into question everything that we know about life, death and what is in between. Even if it is sometimes necessary to see them and see them again to understand everything – and still there are some who remain full of mysteries after 5 rewatchs Lost kind – it must be admitted that it is good to look at something that makes think about Subjects as varied as serious as our place on Earth, the drifts of consumption or the search for happiness.
The Leftovers
Cathartic par excellence, if The Leftovers never left you speechless or tearful before the beauty of a scene, you are asked your secret. Between people who refuse to talk and lose their lungs by smoking cigarettes on cigarettes, magically empty rivers, hallucinations and returns to life in the Jesus, the series of Damon Lindelof has enough to make the Neurons . We sometimes wonder what happens but the result is there: it’s beautiful, it’s powerful and it’s a bit of the magic of television and well-made series.
Legion is the series that allows to turn the brain while showing how it happens in a brain turned over. David Haller, a mutant who believed himself schizophrenic, has powers that rival those of Professor X and a rather overflowing imagination. With a monster that looks like a giant potato with demon eyes and nonstop back and forth between its imagination and the real world, Legion completely drops out of reality and plunges us into crazy, colorful scenes and not really easy to understand To better see what happens in the most tortured brains.
Not as difficult as Legion to understand but a bit of mindfuck anyway, Sense8 is what brings the touch of poetry in all these series that turn our heads . Eight people who are part of a cluster , genetically connected, able to find themselves in two different places and feel the emotions of each other, that’s pitch. But between the wicked who can see through one of the characters, the dead sensates that reappear, the brain operations open and the discovery of a universe much bigger than we thought, we admit you are there Loses a little. But hey, it’s a bit like that also the charm of the series, right?
American Gods
All new beautiful! American Gods has just landed on Starz and is ready to confuse you. It must be said that adapting Neil Gaiman is rather daring and more when it comes to a fight of gods adapted to modern times, there is something to lose . An ugly god of technology and media is fighting against Odin, who is actually called Wednesday – Wednesday – aided by Lincoln of The 100 , all with leprechauns (?!) And in a bloodshed at the Tarantino Tinged with black humor well felt. As much to say that we wait impatiently the next episodes to see a little more clear …
From mindfuck to English, because on the other side of the Channel we know how to think well too. Under its striking colors to hurt the eyes, Utopia mixes fiction and reality and we loses a little in between. It must be said that the series tells the story of a small group of people in possession of the manuscript of the Utopia sequel that would pre-empt any disasters that could affect humanity. Strange dystopia and major stakes, all sprinkled with the delusional touch of the English series , it is the perfect cocktail to make our neurons kiffer.
Hard to talk about series that turn the brain without mentioning Westworld , the little HBO jewel that has given rise to so many theories that the writers had to take into account to write the rest of the series. Yes, when we propose a science fiction western thriller, we can already expect a particular mix of genres that makes us think and stimulates the imagination . At the same time with androids, simulations of universes and bugs to make cold in the back, difficult to expect anything else …
Obviously we can not talk about all the chelou series that prevent us from sleeping at night and we do not forget Black Mirror , The OA , Twin Peaks , Mr Robot or the blockbuster of strangeness: Lost . Do not hesitate to share the series that make you think for the best and sometimes for the worse. So, what series have you turned the brain back?