Johnny Depp: Violence, bankruptcy, divorce … back on his descent into hell!

Entertainment 1 February, 2017

Times are hard for Johnny Depp! While he has always been the most bankable actor of the sphere people, in recent years have been more than painful for the actor …
But what happened? That is the question everyone is asking. While Johnny Depp has always been considered as the most popular actor in Hollywood , he lost almost everything in a few years. Moreover, it is currently making the headlines of the people press. The reason ? As you probably already know, Johnny Depp is practically ruined because of its train excessive life if we are to believe the words of his former financial firm The Maganement Group , who now sues for a cool $ 4 , $ 2 million. In other words, the 53-year-old actor is on the brink of bankruptcy. And this situation is more than chaotic. But what happened to Johnny Depp ? The hero of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean is going through a living hell, and this for two years now. And everything is complicated in 2011 when he fell in love for the beautiful Amber Heard he met on the set of the film The Rum Diary . Two years later and after a highly publicized separation from Vanessa Paradis , his girlfriend at the time, the American actor formalizes then with the pretty blonde before marrying her in 2015. But their idyll will soon be complicated .. .
While Johnny Depp finds himself at the Mostra festival Venice with his new wife Amber Heard , to present his film Strictly Criminal , it appears totally unrecognizable. A puffy face, tired and completely neglected, the actor is hard to see. Fans are worried then and already imagine the fifties sank into alcohol and drugs . But that’s not all ! The troubles are linked again to the father of Lily-Rose Melody Depp when he and his companion attracted the ire of the Australian government and for illegally bringing their dogs Boo and Pistol in the country. To get rid of this case, they apologize in a video that goes around the net before being mocked by the Net surfers. But the misfortune of the star of Charlie and the Chocolaterie is just beginning. On May 20, 2016, he lost his mother Betty Sue Palmer, who died of a long illness at the age of 81 years. A few days later, Amber Heard for divorce accompanied alimony . And things get faster. The actress of The Danish Girl accuses her ex-husband of domestic violence, to support photos and videos released by the website TMZ . The former partner Vanessa Paradis finds herself at the heart of a violent bad buzz. Moreover, this break that is ultra-mediated makes the fatty tabby of American tabloids. But if the love life of Johnny Depp is more than tumultuous, it’s nothing next to his film career.
As we know, Johnny Depp has always been a favorite with filmmakers. And for good reason, he is talented! True chameleon, the actor knows how to shine by his artistic genius and his ability to adapt to any universe. But while it is at the top of his art, the actor starts chaining flops . He makes choices that are discussed and his admirers do not know what to think. Dark Shadows , Charlie Mortdecai , Lone Ranger or Transcendence , each of its super-productions do not meet the expected success. A total failure for the actor who is thus assassinated by the critics. Johnny Depp becomes the least profitable player in Hollywood according to the ranking by the magazine Forbes . A blow ! But is his career completed? Not sure. The actor will return in May 2017 on the big screen for the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar. Let’s hope that this new opus is a success. Anyway, Johnny Depp can always count on his fans. Besides, he did not fail to thank them in a moving speech at the ceremony of the People’s Choice Awards . In your opinion, will Johnny Depp succeed in emerging from the bottom of the wave?