Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, The Walking Dead: These characters who should have died but who have finally survived!

Cinema 14 April, 2017

While the majority of the series are currently in a break, the editor of melty has wanted to come back on all those characters who should have died but who have finally survived thanks to their popularity!
Fetish characters! And yes, the meltynauts, they sometimes happen to have a huge blow of heart for a character who was destined to disappear very quickly. It must be said that some of them fit so well into the universe of our favorite series that they quickly become our favorites obliging the screenwriters to review their copy to offer them a much more crucial role in the plot. And it happens much more often than is believed. While the editor of melty suggested you discover our top 6 moments that made us cry in The Vampire Diaries , here are 5 characters who should have died and who have finally survived thanks to the love of the public!
Sara Lance – Legends of Tomorrow / Arrow
If you follow all the Arrowverse series, you know that the beautiful Sara Lance is already dead twice before becoming one of the main characters of Legends of Tomorrow. Fighting, determined, intelligent and cunning, Sara quickly took over her sister to the point that it was she who was the first Canary . Strong but also fallible, it would have been a pity to dispense with a character like Sara as much as it was much appreciated by fans and that, the screenwriters have understood.
Jack Shephard – LOST
And yes, it may seem surprising given that Jack was still the main character of the show but he should have died right from the pilot! Indeed, the writers wanted to make a big blow by killing the hero in the first episode in order to prove that everything was possible in LOST . But by discovering the success of the character with the fans, they preferred to leave him alive.
Klaus Mickaelson – The Originals / The Vampire Diaries
No, you’re not dreaming ! One of the most emblematic villains in the sharp-headed series has almost died at the very end of Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. But Joseph Morgan made such a performance that he quickly became popular with viewers but also Julie Plec who decided to offer him his own show. A nice promotion for a villain as diabolical as Klaus!
Carol Peletier – The Walking Dead
We had a hard time imagining the AMC Zombie series without Carol and yet she was supposed to die in season 3 when the governor decided to attack the prison. Here is a death that would have broken our hearts in the same way as Hershel’s . Fortunately, Carol’s evolution and her badass side convinced the screenwriters that she absolutely had to continue the adventure alongside Rick.
Jasper Jordan – The 100
Remember, Jasper gets pounded by a stick in the first few minutes of the pilot before returning quickly as if by magic. Know that he should have died at this precise moment but that the screenwriters found him so endearing and so funny that they could not bring himself to kill him so brutally. He continues to bring a little touch to the episodes of the fourth season of the show. Here are the meltynauts! While waiting for more info, discover our critic of the season finale of season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow on melty. Can you imagine these five series without these characters?