In fact, it’s not always good to make the headlines for a film

Cinema 26 April, 2017

Some insist that the essential thing is to be cited, at the center of attention. No matter what. These films prove that it is better to avoid scandals anyway.
A bit like the concept of notoriety in marketing and advertising to excess. All that matters is to impose the brand name in people’s minds, as the name comes out automatically. What remains a risky bet, in terms of results. These films, whether voluntarily or not, have experienced it. Which turned out to be rather unfortunate.
Galoche and spouses cocus in “Snow White and the hunter”
That actors and other members of the shoot get caught, it happens. Everyone knows it, it’s part of the folklore, limit. It’s almost a surprise when nothing happens. But hey, there is a minimum … There both were maqued and had to grill to cheese. Actress Kristen Stewart was in a couple with Robert Pattinson, director Rupert Sander married with two kids . Public apology, declaration of love respective with their spouses … then separation not long after. Oops, a little scandal that overshadowed the film.
White everywhere to have more money in “Exodus Gods and Kings”
First problem: Ridley Scott did not hire any Egyptian actor, which vexed some and surprised others, for a question of coherence, given the story. Alas, it could have happened. Except that the justifications were worse. The director has plainly explained that it was better not to have actors named Mohammed xx of xx to see his film financed as he wants and can, to the maximum. For the moment, it was in Spain. So, do you have to take the “right” actors to get the taxes, etc?
The death of the main actor in “The Crow”
The stupid accident. Very stupid. A scene had to be shot where Michael Masse was shooting Brandon Lee, almost at close range, in the chest. Obviously, with a forgery, respecting rules, etc. Except that there was a mistake, that the false gun was a real one and that it was badly cleaned . So the blank cartridge sent out real cartridge debris and Lee was taken away by losing a few liters of blood. And he stayed there …
The helicopter crash and the drama in “Twilight Zone: the movie”
Vic Morrow was a renowned actor and was logically called to participate in this film with large budget. Playing a guy who travels through time and observing the various wars, he had to play a scene where he saved two children. Helping them cross a river, pursued by a helicopter and surrounded by explosions. Poor tuning, an explosion was too close to the helicopter that was embossed on the actors … Morrow and a kid were beheaded, the other drowned. Fucking, horrible. Director Jon Landis has seen his career take a turn after that.
The White man saves the other incapables in “The Great Wall”
A bit like in Exodus, turning a lot of whites when it is not coherent is a little embarrassing. But there was diversity, fortunately. Asian actors took their place, normal. Except that the savior, bah it was Matt Damon . Very white. From classic to what, the white man who saves other ethnicities. And bad publicity for the film.
The hacking of Sony Data in “The Interview”
James Franco and Seth Rogen had rather us accustomed to jokes not eggs and comedies unpretentious. Which also has its success, quiet. This time, they were aiming higher, without perhaps realizing it. With their comedy where they plan to have Kim Jong-Un assassinated, they upset North Korea and hackers. Threatening to cause cinema and other retaliation have discouraged Sony, so the film came out in very few rooms, few people have seen it (except by downloading it) and its reputation is limited to this story. Have you seen any of these, or have you limited yourself to scandal?