It is in the cartoons that we find the biggest bastards

Cinema 29 December, 2016

We all hated characters, in movies and series. Bastards without a name. But the worst can be found in cartoons, clearly. Only to see these.
Looking back, you realize that their behavior would pose big problems in real life. Even if you have already met the poor guys in progress or TAF, you have never seen such phenomena . It’s the beauty of fiction, it goes even further! And that makes you laugh. You love these cartoon characters, since you do not have to stuff them on a daily basis.
Bender Bending Rodriguez (“Futurama”)
A robot that seems more human than us. Well, worse. Far from being a rational, straight, reliable guy, Bender is an alcoholic who loves violence (verbal or physical) and chop as many chicks as possible. Liar, thief, he intends only his mouth and does not calculate the other . Except when it happens to you a shit, then there it is present. To cut and type bars.
Gary Oak (“Pokemon”)
The caricature of son to dad. And even from son to grandpa in this case. Spoiled rotten, he constantly walks into a convertible and displays without any modesty. Gary gives lessons, is the story goes, then it’s a fucking lazy . It compensates by unlimited arrogance, especially by heating Ash without stopping. Oh yes, to flatter his ego Monsieur trimballe a group of cheerleader.
BoJack Horseman (eponymous cartoon)
Another one who has a horse’s breath! You’ll tell me, it’s normal, it’s a horse. And who constantly pumps binouzas up to be stuffed, while grilling clope on clope. Alcoholic, depressive, BoJack Horseman rots the lives of people he meets frequently and is his pleasure . He unloads his bitterness on them. Otherwise, he happens to chop despite that, while clearly showing his disappointment once the coitus ended. A bastard.
The smurf with spectacles (“The Smurfs”)
He thinks he’s smart because he wears glasses. The guy organizes conferences, speaks loudly to those who want to hear him, and even to those who do not want to, which ends up causing him the enmity of his peers. Giving lessons of conduct, morality, culture, Smurf glasses balance citations every turn . Heavy. Which come from … itself. Super heavy. In addition, it often fails. A champion.
Brian Griffin (“Family Guy”)
It is to be believed that it is difficult to confess completely our dark side. Often, cartoons show us bastards in a different form than ours. Because Brian is a dog. But not any one: a dog insults you by yelling at your face then calms down and apologizes, bipolar kind. In truth, he does not care about your mouth, he does not respect anything anyway. The proof, he tries to nab the wife of his best friend … Unemployed and smoking bang, this special canine thinks higher still.
Eric Cartman (“South Park”)
That was it. It’s almost boring but how do you want to do otherwise? Cartman undeniably represents the worst fucker that can be encountered. Misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic (anti-Semitic), this brat has no limits . Without a filter, he balances all that passes through his head, no self-censorship. And of course, he rejoices in the misfortune of others, when he does not try to be at the origin by manipulating them. A genius of evil. Which makes you laugh the most?