It’s Easter, so come look for these easter eggs hidden in Marvel movies

Cinema 17 April, 2017

The only time you have the right to put all your eggs in the same basket.
According to the Wikipedia bulb head, “an easter egg is in computer science or in video games, a hidden function within a program . ” By extension, the term has also declined to the cinematographic genre, with a bunch of references destined for fans slipped here and there in films . Marvel and his film catalog each year more consequent made it a specialty, with of course the cameos of the king of the incrustation Stan Lee . But also many winks between movies and with comics.
Captain America redo the match against Hitler
In “Captain America: First Avenger” , the patriotic superhero made the show in different cities of the country to mobilize the troops. And it is during one of these performances that he sends Hitler to the carpet in a scene that recalls the cover of the first issue of “Captain America” .
A “Journey to a mystery” for Thor
Whether in New Mexico in the first Thor movie or in London in the second episode, we can see the same billboard with this message: “Land of Enchantment … Journey to a mystery” . A reference to the first comicbook Thor, whose title was “a Journey to a mystery”.
Hulk’s purple shorts
In “The Incredible Hulk” of 2008, Betty Ross decides to remake the wardrobe of Bruce Banner as the man tends to tear everything up when he gets nervous. Some pieces will nevertheless tilter the scientist, including a purple XXXXL shorts. Again, it’s a nod to comics and the mythical short of the green giant.
Iron Man spotted the Shawarma
No one has forgotten the post-generic scene of Avengers where all the band will make a shawarma after destroying half of New York. What we do not necessarily know is that Iron Man, who launched the idea of ​​the jigsaw puzzle, spotted the place much earlier in the movie , as shown in the picture below.
A nod to “The Human Torch” in “Captain America: The First Avenger”
When Steve Rogers and his Bucky Poto go to the show on future technologies, you can see a model of red costume on display. Fans will recognize the costume of “The Human Torch” (which inspired the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four), the 1st superhero of the Timely Comics house , the former name … Marvel Comics.
Lou Ferrigno’s Cameo
Stan Lee does not have the monopoly of the cameos. In 2003, in “Hulk” , he shared this honor with Lou Ferrigno, the actor who remains forever associated with the series “The Incredible Hulk” .
The shield of Captain America in “Iron Man”
In “Iron Man” , we can see surreptitiously the shield in shipyard of Captain America, used 3 years later in “Captain America: First Avenger” .
The Captain Marvel character introduces in “Doctor Strange”?
Just before his car accident, Doctor Strange was talking on the phone about a potential 22-year-old woman with schizophrenia who was struck by lightning . Many fans saw a way to introduce the character of Captain Marvel, whose film is scheduled for March 6, 2019.
The SHIELD card in “Iron Man 2”
At the end of Iron Man 2, when Tony slices the fat with Nick Fury in the SHIELD offices, you can see a world map rich in information. With places pinned everywhere, including one in Africa, which presumably designated the Wakanda of Black Panther . As for the point in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, everything suggests that it is the corn of Namor …
Captain America “can hold all day”
During the duel at the summit in “Civil War” between Iron Man and Captain America, who put themselves severe on the face, the superhero to the shield imagines at no time give up . He even mocks Tony, swinging: “I can hold all day . ” ( “I can do this all day” ). A sentence already heard in the first movie “Captain America” , when the weak Steve Rogers was victimized by small pits.