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Entertainment 15 December, 2017


France 3 devoted this Friday 15 December, a special evening with Jacques Dutronc. Our colleagues in TV Magazine had the opportunity to meet the singer. During the interview, Jacques Dutronc has entrusted not to drink a drop of alcohol since 10 months “.

This Friday, 15 December, France 3 is devoting an entire evening to a special Jacques Dutronc. The channel broadcasts the documentary ” Dutronc, life in spite of him “, followed by the film Van Gogh was released in 1991 by Maurice Pialat. Jacques Dutronc embodies in this film, the famous painter.

The opportunity for our colleagues in Tv Magazine to meet the singer on the heights of Monticello in Corsica and discuss with him his future professional projects. Among them, a new series in which he gives the reply to Gérard Depardieu. A series entitled ‘ Vino, a history of wine and of the family who will be in Corsica, in the south of France and Italy.” But it gets wrong : thehas series Vino door on the wine and I don’t drink a drop of alcohol for ten months ! It is still a handicap, is a terrible trial… ” says the singer 74-year-old about the series.

Two years ago, the father of Thomas Dutronchad already been found to have decreased his consumption by removing the alcohol. But today, the singer seems to have finally stopped drinking. In order to preserve her voice during the tour of the Old Scoundrels, the friend of Johnny Hallyday had decided not to drink a drop of alcohol. Bet today held.

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Jacques Dutronc

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