Jennifer Garner filed for divorce from Ben Affleck, two years after separation

Entertainment 19 February, 2017

Prior to divorce the actor couple visited a therapist for several years and was trying to work on their problems

Almost two years have passed since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their break-up, and only today learned that the 44-year-old actress has filled all the necessary documents and officially filed for divorce.
“Whatever happens, Ben and Jen to the fore put family and will do so in the future, they will continue to bring children together, as before,” – said one of the sources of the American tabloid, adding that the family values for both actors is more important Total. Another insider confirmed that the 44-year-old Ben Affleck has already moved out of their homes to do with Jennifer in Brentwood.
Recall that its decision to leave the couple announced in July 2015, behind both at the time was 10 years of marriage. The reason for the gap was the actor’s affair with nanny Christine Ouzunyan. Prior to divorce the actor couple visited a therapist for several years, and was trying to work on their own problems, but, in spite of the couple therapy still has left.
“Ben really wanted such a family as he planned for himself, while growing up in Boston, so it is as long as possible trying to save the relationship, but he could do nothing.” – Said the source.
Note that Garner and Affleck continue with three children – 11-year-old Violet, 8-year-old Seraphim and 4-year-old Samuel. The family is often seen on Sunday in Los Angeles church, where they attend the service.