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Entertainment 18 August, 2017


Jérémy Chatelain has spent a few days in the company of his daughter during a trip to the United States. Rather discreet about his private life, the former star-academician told the magazine VSD on the relationship he has with his daughter, and drew up the personality traits of the adolescent girl of 12 years.

Jérémy Chatelain meets the singer Alizée in 2003. A real stroke of lightning and leads them to say yes after a year in the city of Las Vegas (United States). They found a family with the birth of a daughter Annily. Today, Annily is a young teenager of 12 years. This summer, she has shared her time between the idyllic landscapes of Corsica where resides his mother, and to California, where she part few days with his father, in particular, to visit Los Angeles.

Jérémy Chatelain is very discreet about his relationship with his daughter, contrary to the interpreter of Moi… Lolita , which often publishes pictures of his only child on social networks. In an interview given to the magazine VSD, the DJ evokes the personality of the teenager and their relationship father/daughter. “It is great. She is great, she comes when she wants, she loves Paris and this studio. Also, it is amazing, children can register and take the plane only to 12 years “, admire there . During their stay in the us, the former member of the Star Academy has posted a photo of a family where he is holding his daughter in his arms on a beach of California.

Thanks to this shared custody, Alizée has been enjoying a few days alone with her husband Grégoire Lyonnet. The singer, who has experienced his divorce as a failure, has regained hope with the professional dancer of Dancing with the Stars. This year they have celebrated their first year of marriage, a symbol of their relationship symbiotic. The torque is so much on the same wavelength that it has announced to their fans the opening of a dance studio in Ajaccio for September 2017.

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