Johnny Depp more in shape than ever before, he shoots on a shoot

Entertainment 13 April, 2017

Johnny Depp is currently working on the movie LAbyrith. Currently in full shooting, he is more fit than ever and has fun with his co-stars!
If poor Amber Heard would be seriously ill after her divorce from Johnny Depp , the actor finally seems to get out of the water. Recently, he was very emaciated at the birthday party of Lady Gaga and had then much worried his fans. However, since Johnny Depp began filming the LAbyrith movie , it finally seems to take off the hair of the beast. The actor was even in great shape for his return to work, he appeared very elegant in costume while he will interpret detective Russell Poole who investigated in real life on the murders of the two famous rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, in the late 90s. Currently in full shooting of LAbyrith , New photos of the actor have just been unveiled and it’s fun to see! Johnny Depp really seems to get better.
Johnny Depp, who would have a new girlfriend 30 years younger than him , seems to be in better shape than ever before and is having fun shooting this new movie as you can see HERE , HERE and LA . The actor was seen playing baseball with his young co-star who will probably play his son but also with the one who will play his role on the screen, Wynn Everett. This is the image of a perfect family! As for the ex-husband of Amber Heard, it proves that one can have fun while working. John Depp , who used to be in front of the lens, also had a great time grabbing a camera to follow in the footsteps of filmmaker Brad Furman. This shoot seems like a real breath of fresh air for the actor! So the meltynauts, what do you think of the new photos of Johnny Depp on the shooting of LAbyrith?