Joss Whedon announces the reboot of Buffy against the vampires

Cinema 21 July, 2018






The mode is for remakes and making reboots a thing, we know for years. And every morning we live with the fear that a studio decides to revive a work of worship in spite of the good sense. This is what happens with Buffy against the vampires but it is a little more complicated than that.

It must be borne in mind that Joss Whedon is first and foremost a genius of the television, you would live to redo the integral of Buffy against the vampires. Landed on the airwaves in 1997, the series has surprised all the world. Starting from a nanard (Buffy, slayer of vampires, available on Netflix), Whedon has completely reinvented what the Kuzui had distorted in the early 90’s in us delivering what remains today as one of the most beautiful metaphors about adolescence.


The first Buffy


If the series stopped at the end of 7 seasons, it has, however, continued for some years in comics, expanding the universe and allowing its creator to make all that tv, he refused. A few months ago, in march last, a first rumor regarding a hypothetical reboot of Buffy had surfaced on the Net, but the boss of the Fox, we had ensured that nothing would be done without the agreement of Joss Whedon. This would guarantee us a few months, even a few years of respite. Finally, this is what we thought.


Sarah Michelle Gellar, the real Buffy


Because after the mishap the Justice League and the abandonment of Batgirl, Whedon returns to his first love, television, developing The Nevers for HBO. And now, the Hollywood Reporter informs us that the reboot of Buffy is well and truly launched, with Whedon as executive producer who oversees everything. The big surprise is that the writer Monica Owusu-Breen has been hired by the studio to take care of the reboot and that Buffy Summers is going to undergo a major metamorphosis since this is an actress who is black, who will this time, but we do not know his identity for the moment.


The Scooby-gang debut


A decision that the risk of upsetting the die-hard fan but in the logic of risk-taking and innovation unique to the series. Note that the showrunneuse is not a beginner as she still worked on Alias, Lost, missing, Fringe , and Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. and that, whatever happens, Joss Whedon is not very far away.

The series has not yet diffuser, appears at the very beginning of its existence, but should not delay to teach us more about what it holds for us. One crosses the fingers so that they don’t foirent not.


And now ?