Jul: Tchikita, has this title signed the climax of his career?

Entertainment 20 April, 2017

The rapper Jul carton every time he releases a new album. But would the title “Tchikita” not have marked the summit of his career?
Jul is a real war machine in rap. The one who writes his songs alone never stops. Since 2014, he has released six studio albums: In my paranoia, I find no sleep, I turn in circles, My World, Emotions and The UFO . But if the Marseille could have stopped there, he released in parallel, or almost at the same time three free albums and two other mixtapes. An unbridled pace that makes him the rapper who releases the most titles in a year . Result, he imposes constraints of writing and does not take the time to go to meet his audience. That does not prevent Jul from being always well placed in the top albums in France with his album the UFO .
This passion for music has allowed him to reach highs last year when he released the tube “Tchikita” in September 2016. As a result, the counter on YouTube shows more than 159 million views . A record for Jul, who could soon unveil a feat with Kalash Criminel . Since then, the rapper has never done as well with a sound that does not even have a clip. The song was a real cataclysm that spread throughout France and resonating in the ears of millions of people. But is not this title the pinnacle of his career? Since the revelation of his third free album, the Marseille seems a little bit lost. His pieces hardly exceed a million views for some. A decline in diet that will undoubtedly reboost even more the artist, who will do everything to concoct a new hit. What do you think ?