Jul unveils a completely new extract of his next album

Entertainment 10 April, 2017

Jul is back with a brand new sound. The rapper unveiled a totally unreleased clip in video.
Attention everyone, the storm Jul is well and well back for this year 2017 . The rapper counts everything to fart these next few and aim even higher than his previous figures. Between his 1001 gold records and his millions of views on YouTube , the Marseillais has enough to beat all that. We wondered if the phenomenon was not slowing down with the release of his third album for free . It would seem that the answer is no! Yeah, barely his new project put on line, that he already teases the next. A machine you said? The UFO carries its nickname … Nobody is ready, Jul has published a new extract totally unpublished.
Hardly returning that Jul is already ( again ) back. Ok, in another context this sentence would have been weird, but it is not when we talk about Jul. The Marseillais is known to chain the albums. He has already explained that he expects to leave at least three this year. So hardly the first unveiled, that it already taffies on the second. Impossible to keep this for him, Jul has already posted a first video on his Facebook account . It is found in the car with a brand new extract in the background. The rapper knows how to make us wait properly. Luckily, we can wait in music: quickly discover our favorite tracks of his free album vol. 3 . So you kiffez?