Justice League, Star Wars The Last Jedi, The Labyrinth 3 The Deadly Remedy … The Top Movie of the Month!

Cinema 29 May, 2017

The month of May was generous in news and casting announcements! Between Venom, Uncharted, Justice League or even the next Star Wars, the fans were filled …
December 13, 2017 will release the next adventures of Rey and all his band. Suffice to say that fans of the Star Wars saga are eager to discover this film that promises to further expand the mythology . Fortunately, Lucas Films has broadcast several photos and infos allowing the aficionados to wait a little bit. There are several characters introduced to The Reveil of the Force as the most emblematic in the image of Leia, Anakin Skywalker and so on. But the real surprise of these pictures of Star Wars The Last Jedi (whose first words of Luke Skywalker were unveiled) is the presence of Benicio Del Toro, who will play DJ, and Laura Dern who will camp Vice Admiral Holdo, member of the Resistance . The photos are to be discovered below!
It is a tragic news that shook this month of May: the daughter of Zack Snyder died. The director of 300, Watchmen and Batman vs. Superman had to bequeath the rest of Justice League production to Joss Whedon time to mourn. The filmmaker behind the two previous films Avengers will take care of the reshoot and complete the post-production of the film. A way for the man to definitely switch to the DC Comics side and prove himself before starting the Batgirl adaptation . A film that should make it possible to put in place a solid DCU in the manner of the MCU which is experiencing a growing success over the years.
The third chapter of the Labyrinth entitled Le Remède Mortel is unveiled to its many fans. Dylan O’Brien, star of the film, has given many confidences about the latter. In a short video, the actor said “It’s an undercover film, a rescue mission. It’s the first time that the spectators go to see the team, which has always been together, to separate ” . A radical change of tone! Kaya Scodelario, currently starring Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (which could continue without Johnny Depp) told Screen Rant “We have just finished filming. I think we say goodbye to the characters and conclude all the stories. The film tells of a rescue mission. They want to find Minho. They enter WCKD and they try to understand the decision Teresa made in the last film. To understand that she did not betray them ” .
The month of May will have offered two announcements of castings rather surprising . The first one concerns Tom Holland, star of Spider-Man Homecoming . The latter will play young Nathan Drake in the film adaptation of the triple A franchise titled Uncharted. A saga that has made the happiness of millions of gamers! The second announcement comes closer to Spider-Man since Tom Hardy will play the cinema … Venom . The famous Nemesis of the Weaver will be entitled to a spin-off that the fans expect as much as they do not fear … It remains to know which director will take care of this project which could prove interesting for the fans of comics.
Here is a part of the cinematographic news that will have made the month of May on melty. News that will please some and cringe others teeth! Do not hesitate to give us in the comments the information that you retained and which made you react .