Justice League: What future for the DC universe after Zack Snyder’s departure?

Cinema 23 May, 2017

Justice League will have to finish without Zack Snyder. But if it was the same for the future?
After replacing Zack Snyder by Joss Whedon for Justice League after a family drama , a lot of questions arise. Warner / DC’s upcoming film after Wonder Woman will not be overly impacted since the shooting is already over and Joss Whedon will mostly have to do a post production job. But what about the future of the DC film universe? For better or for worse, Zack Snyder remains the main architect of the project since its creation , and that its absence more or less prolonged could change quite a lot. It is extremely difficult to see him leave his baby totally but a withdrawal of medium-long duration is a possibility.
When it does not realize, it is either to the production or to the writing of other films DC Comics and this vacuum must be filled. We know already since last year that Geoff Johns, the creative director of DC Comics, is in charge of the construction of the DC film universe and it could well take an increasingly important place to fill the huge void left by Snyder. The real question here is whether the director’s absence will be felt in the coming years, even if it lasts only a few months, with a Geoff Johns who will have imposed his vision, because the Warner can not afford To fall behind on a schedule that is set to the nearest millimeter.
The other thing to consider is of course Joss Whedon, because he made two Avengers movies and he knows exactly how to build a superhero universe and create a credible and catchy group dynamic. But it is also known that the director was bored after his work at Marvel and so he might not want to invest beyond Justice League in building the DCEU, although Joss Whedon will handle the film on Batgirl . So it is the big unknown on this side but it would not be surprising to see the Warner courting the man to give him responsibilities to make the universe DC something as viable as that of Marvel. Do you think there will be change?