Justin Bieber assaults a man, new rebound in the case

Entertainment 18 April, 2017

Justin Bieber still has trouble with justice! Has the singer gone too far?

Justin Bieber is overworked, is his health in danger ? The singer canceled all the scheduled paid meetings with his fans and he seems to have trouble managing his extreme media coverage. A situation that could explain the frequent incidents to which the ex of Selena Gomez is mixed. Justin Bieber has been involved in numerous fights over the past few months, including being investigated after beating a man in a bar in February. According to People magazine , the police report said the 23-year-old had two altercations with two servers before hitting their manager in the stomach. It’s not the first time that Justin Bieber slips seriously in the evening, but in spite of everything it happens without harm:
Decidedly at this moment the singer has a lot of trouble with justice! Justin Bieber was recently sued by a fan who blamed him for failing to pay him a late cancellation. If the dissatisfied admirer won the case with the judge, the singer decided to appeal his decision, despite the paltry sum involved. A reaction all the more difficult to understand that the singer generated more than 200 million Of dollars in receipts with his Purpose Tour and that he is far from in need! But if career level Justin Bieber is on top, his morale does not seem to follow. According to a psychologist interviewed by the Daily Star , Sorry interpreter are not surprising and he would risk depression. We know that being a star is not always easy, but do we have to worry about Justin Bieber? What do you think ?