Justin Bieber sued by a fan, he counterattacked

Entertainment 7 April, 2017

Justin Bieber lost a lawsuit against an unhappy fan, and he did not take it at all! Has the singer gone too far?
Justin Bieber is accused of a crime in Brazil ! In 2013, the young singer had not found better to do than to tag the walls of a prestigious hotel in Rio de Janeiro, and today he risks a penalty for this act of vandalism. Decidedly the ex of Selena Gomez begins to have the habit of passing in the courts! Recently, Justin Bieber was attacked by a very unhappy fan who had bought a special pass to allow his daughter to meet the singer after a concert. A very lucrative practice for the star, who can earn several thousand dollars for a few minutes spent with his admirers. Except that Justin Bieber has decided to abruptly cancel all meetings scheduled and already paid by the fans , because by his own admission, He no longer supported the pressure of having to correspond to the ideal image that his audience has of him. A decision that caused the anger of the fan, who decided to attack Justin Bieber in court, demanding a refund.
According to the Daily Mail , the judge ruled in favor of the fan, to which Justin Bieber must reimburse not only the canceled meeting but also the legal costs incurred for a total of more than $ 5,000! A negligible amount for the millionaire singer, especially since it seems normal that he reimburses a service that he did not perform. But to the general surprise, Justin Bieber chose to counter-attack! The young man has appealed the judge’s decision, and he claims that the fan will return the money to him. A decision all the more surprising that he has generated so far more than 200 million dollars with his Purpose Tour ! Justin Bieber, who has clashed a fan in Australia , is ungrateful to his audience, Or simply overwhelmed by its own success? One thing is for sure, the singer needs rest … What do you think of Justin Bieber’s reaction?