Kate Middleton: A mother like any other?

Entertainment 16 April, 2017

Kate Middleton is a princess but that’s not why she does not have the same problems as all other mothers!
Kate Middleton is married to a prince, has two beautiful children and will one day be on the throne of England. However, the Duchess of Cambridge sometimes experiences problems that all other women know, especially mothers . If one could believe that everything is easier for a princess, it is false! Kate Middleton would be a mother like any other who needs advice from other parents about the upbringing of children. According to Reveal magazine , the Duchess of Cambridge has a secret account on Mumsnet , the UK’s most popular site giving parents valuable advice. Kate Middleton would use the site “to exchange parenting histories anonymously with other mothers”. And yes,
Although Kate Middleton is a member of the royal family, she is above all a woman and a mother. “Kate Middleton can live in a palace and be married to the future king, but apparently she’s like millions of other mothers out there, relying on the Internet for child-rearing counseling .” Source of the Mirror . It is not always easy to have children, and the Duchess of Cambridge does not hide from it . “Kate Middleton admits being a parent is difficult,” Vogue reports . Furthermore, You were recently told that Kate Middleton and Prince Williams were in conflict because the parents of Little George and Little Charlotte obviously disagree about everything about their children’s education. This should reassure all moms around the world! And, in your opinion, is Kate Middleton right to ask for advice on a website?