Kate Middleton and Prince William are very accomplices for the Easter weekend

Entertainment 17 April, 2017

If rumors say that the torch burns between Kate Middleton and Prince William, the couple has been very accomplice for the Easter festivities!
Are Kate Middleton and Prince William cold? This is the rumor of the week! But are the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge really in conflict? Kate Middleton would be angry about her husband’s recent weekend in Switzerland. Moreover, the couple would not really agree on the education of their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. One thing is for sure, this could only be speculation because Kate Middleton and Prince William were both reunited with the royal family for the Easter weekend . The couple has completely swept away the rumors that they are in cold. The parents of Prince George and Princess Charlotte displayed a smile and seemed always complicit.
Kate Middleton was absolutely sublime in a cream set , very Jackie Kennedy. As for Prince William, he came to salute Queen Elizabeth II, dressed in a very elegant navy suit. The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge formed a very beautiful couple as can be seen HERE and HERE . Both took part in the Easter service at St. George’s Chapel, near Windsor Castle. They then walked with the cousins ​​of Prince William. Prince George and Princess Charlotte, however, did not appear to be in the party. If Kate Middleton lost her first place in the ranking of favorite princesses, She should convince more than a person with her most elegant look and her big smile. The Duchess of Cambridge was simply radiant and did not seem to be in the middle of a couple crisis. And in your opinion, are there really conflicts between Kate Middleton and Prince William?