Kate Middleton and Rihanna, discover their unexpected commonality

Entertainment 18 April, 2017

If Kate Middleton and Rihanna are two very different women, they have one thing in common quite unexpected!

Kate Middleton, who appeared as an accomplice with Prince William for the Easter weekend , is a princess, mother of two children. As for Rihanna, she is a superstar of the song, apparently still unmarried despite rumors of rapprochement with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. In short, you’ll understand, apart from being both famous and having several thousand fans, Kate Middleton and Rihanna do not really have much in common. The life of The Duchess of Cambridge is very different from that of the Barbadian singer. Yet, the two women do have one thing in common. Kate Middleton and Rihanna are two big fashion fans. Considered as real icons, they often wear the looks at the forefront of the trend but that’s not all!
Kate Middleton and Rihanna also love to make good business and save. Both stars are addicted to the same outlet site that offers the opportunity to buy designer clothes, bags or shoes up to -70% discount . Yes, Kate Middleton and Rihanna are two very malicious fashionistas. The two young women do not hesitate to make their purchases on the site Outnet.com on which the actresses Drew Barrymore or Gillian Anderson were also spotted. If you were to discover the crazy cost of Kate Middleton’s wardrobe for the beginning of 2017 , the Duchess of Cambridge never misses an opportunity to save money. Thus, it remains faithful to its reputation as “Royal Recycler” And a woman who does not throw money out of the windows. Congratulations to Kate Middleton and Rihanna! And you, did you think Kate Middleton and Rihanna were buying their clothes at a discount?