Kate Middleton favorite princess? It loses its first place in the ranking

Entertainment 9 April, 2017

It would seem that the Duchess of Cambridge is no longer so popular. Kate Middleton’s first place drops to a new ranking, and it hurts!
She no longer holds the first place, and is not even on the podium … Recently, Kate Middleton burst under the sun of France, and more precisely in Meribel on the occasion of the funeral of Life of his sister’s maiden, Pippa Middleton . An extended weekend that had calmed the anger of the Duchess of Cambridge, who strongly resented Prince William. But today, Kate would have something to worry about again, since it would seem that she does not have as much the hill as before . And yes, it’s very sad, but it’s true. According to a new classification, George’s mother is no longer among the “favorite queens and princesses”, and that, well it hurts!
Unexpected and unbelievable we would say. For his reign seemed untouchable. Indeed, in 2016, Kate Middleton , seized the first place of “queens, princesses or duchesses favorites” and seemed to be unable to leave it. Unfortunately, and according to a new ranking of the Royal Blog , the Duchess was robbed by Letitia of Spain or Rania of Jordan , leaving Kate tumble and even leave the podium. Fortunately, she still holds fans, as a surfer of Kate Middleton decided to reproduce her style to perfection . However, one could understand that this is a blow for the Duchess, who has always been at the top in recent years.