Kendall Jenner is half naked for Love Magazine, Kris Jenner is proud

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

When Kendall Jenner reveals herself naked on the Web for her new photoshoot with Love Magazine, Kris Jenner is very proud!
Recently, Kendall Jenner has made a tackle by Lynne J, one of the new conquests of Scott Disick . Yes, the pretty mestizo did not hesitate to say the bottom of his thought on Kenny J. A comment that has sparked strong reactions on the Web. But far to be concerned, the young woman of 21 years continues his successful modeling career . The supermodel then made a place increasingly important in the fashion world, testifies in his numerous collaborations with prestigious brands, fashion shows for top designers not to mention his guest appearance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris . Moreover, the last draft sexy Kendall Jenner with Love Magazine is clearly not gone unnoticed. So much so that her mother Kris Jenner could not help but show how proud she is!
And it is on Instagram that Kendall Jenner did turn heads. Sour magazine Love has created a heat wave by unveiling a photograph in black and white the young woman. Coming from their next photoshoot, the latter made a sensation. The reason ? Kenny J cigarette in hand and slipped in lingerie very sexy, did not hesitate to unveil her nipples through her transparent bra. A detail which quickly terrified the Web . Especially since the It Girl has been more sensual than ever. Thus, compliments on Kenny J’s dream plastic became numerous in the comments. Besides, her mother Kris Jenner did not fail to love the photo shared on the social network . One way to give her unconditional support to her daughter. Suffice to say that Kendall Jenner is not ready to let go of modeling for a new career. And you, do you like this picture of Kendall Jenner?