Kendall Jenner with Chris Brown? She answers

Entertainment 22 April, 2017

Are Kendall Jenner and Chris Brown ready to move up a gear? The young woman answers the rumor …
Kendall Jenner and Chris Brown got closer, are they in couple ? According to a source from the Hollywood Life site , the young model and the singer would have started flirting again, but would not be willing to go further. And Kendall Jenner confirms! In an interview for the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine , Kris Jenner ‘s daughter confided in and put an end to all the rumors about her love life: “I’m not going to marry anybody. There is no long-term relationship in my life or anything serious like this If I am not fully engaged with someone, why should I make this relationship public? If I am not sure of the seriousness Of the relationship, Why should I inform the whole world? I think it’s something sacred. It’s something between two people and the opinions of others do not count . ”
Kendall Jenner goes on to say, “People like to make stories, if I had a buddy, people would probably start inventing stuff about us that would ultimately make us break up … I do my thing. ” . The message is clear: Kendall is not a couple! The young woman has other priorities, because her modeling career and filming of The Incredible Kardashian Family take her all her time. But is she honest when she criticizes the rumors that run on her love life? The women of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are famous for their way of using their sentimental relationships to make them talk.