Kenny Jenner and Kylie Jenner ready to kill Kenie Jenner and Drake together to boost KUWTK’s audiences?

Entertainment 8 April, 2017

The momager of the most famous clan of the showbiz still struck! Kris Jenner would like his daughter Kylie to form a couple with Drake.
If we believe the latest rumors running on the Web, Kylie Jenner and Tyga would no longer be together. Yes, after about three years cooing, the two lovebirds would have put an end to their relationship and this, to the surprise of their fans. Now single, King Kylie can count on the support of his friends and family. Moreover, his sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian would already be ready to find a new guy ! But they are not the only ones to have had the idea. According to Hollywood Life , Kris Jenner wants her daughter to go ahead and forget the American rapper in the arms of another man, Drake.
According to an informant, Kris Jenner is determined to give a smile back to his daughter. So it would consider Drake as the perfect boyfriend : “Kris wants Kylie forgets Tyga She thinks dramas and constant failures are a waste of time She wants to see Kylie and happy with someone else… For Kris, his daughter should give Drake a chance. ” A tip that starts with a good feeling. But would not the momager of the most known clan of Los Angeles rather seek to talk about his program? Maybe ! Especially since the beginning of season 13 of KUTWK , the hearings are not really at the rendezvous. But far from worrying about it, The young woman of 19 years, she seems very happy. The proof, Kylie Jenner has just obtained its own reality TV called “Life of Kylie”. In your opinion, would Kylie Jenner and Drake make a lovely couple?