Khloe Kardashian jealous of Kim? She confesses on Instagram

Entertainment 20 April, 2017

Kharde Kardashian does not hide it, she has always been jealous of Kim’s physique! She tells him of her admiration for Instagram …
Khloe Kardashian humiliated Kourtney for his birthday ! Tristan Thompson’s darling chose to post a particularly embarrassing video for her brother on Instagram, and we do not know what Kourtney thinks. But if Khloe Kardashian loves to gently mock his sisters, there is one that she always seems to put on a pedestal, and it’s Kim! For the blond of the clan, her big sister is her idol since her youth and she admires especially his advantageous physique. To the point of having used the same operations of surgery as to carve a silhouette of the exaggerated forms!
Indeed Khloe posted a message full of admiration for his sister on Instagram: “By far the best body is! I have to get back in hand.If it is not motivation, then I do not know what Keeks, you’re really beautiful! ” A very cute message, but obviously his fans hastened to reassure the young woman by reminding her that she has nothing to envy his brother. But do we have to worry about Khloe? Despite the many surgical operations they have undergone, Kim and Khloe always seem obsessed with an ideal of physical perfection that is increasingly inaccessible and increasingly artificial. And their relations are felt: recently it was Kim Kardashian who was jealous of Khloe’s body ! Are the two frangines too superficial? One thing is for sure, it’s time for them to learn to accept themselves … What do you think of Khloe’s message?