Khloe Kardashian: Tristan Thompson, she’s ready for anything for him!

Entertainment 15 April, 2017

Love gives him wings! Khloe Kardashian is crazy about Tristan Thompson, but is she too much?
His childhood envy with Tristan Thompson, Kim’s robbery … Khloe Kardashian confided ! The young woman says she does not put pressure and that she leaves her relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers playing naturally. Kharde Kardashian is probably arguing against all the rumors that she is completely obsessed with the idea of ​​marrying the beautiful basketball player and starting a home with him as quickly as possible. But according to a Hollywood Life source , there would be truth in all these rumors! According to the magazine, Khloe Kardashian would devote himself wholeheartedly to his relationship with Tristan Thompson, even if he forgets everything else: “Tristan wants Khloe to attend all his matches. She is her biggest fan and she does everything to be with him. She thoroughly in this relationship. She’s the kind that runs on the pitch to make sure Tristan is okay if he gets stuck in a training session . ”
The source goes on: “She would do anything for him” . Apparently, Khloe’s enthusiasm had overcome the distrust of Tristan Thompson’s teammates, who at first feared that the young woman would bring bad luck to the athlete. It is now completely integrated, and so much the better! After years of difficult celibacy for her, Kris Jenner’s daughter is ecstatic. But is it lacking in perspective? Khloe would be desperate to marry Tristan Thompson , while Tristan Thompson would be less invested and more cautious about their relationship. And Khloe’s sense of self-abnegation, which does not hesitate to give his darling all his time, reminds us of his behavior during his relationship with Lamar Odom, Which had ended in a real catastrophe! Does the young woman lack discernment in love? One thing is certain, we hope for her that this story will work and that she will make lie the unpleasant rumors … What do you think of this couple?