Kim Kardashian and Beyonce friends or enemies? Back on their tense relationship

Entertainment 31 May, 2017

Are Kim Kardashian and Beyonce the biggest enemies of the sphere people or do they actually hide a beautiful friendship? We take stock.
Difficult to follow what it really is with these two. Yeah, since Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have come together, rumors about the true nature of their relationship are on the Web. Are both celebrities real enemies or do they have a good friendship? This is probably the question that the whole mode arises. Nevertheless, if we look at the relationship between the two stars over the years, we look more for the first option. The reason ? If they have occasionally shown themselves together with worldly events such as fashion shows, that stops there . The reality TV star and singer have hardly ever been seen together during family outings or parties. This is evidenced by the latest baby shower organized by Jay Z’s wife . While some thought that the pretty brunette had been invited, it was not. Kim Kardashian simply lied to make believe in his friendship with Beyonce . But let it be said, in order to understand what really lies between them, we must go back to the beginning of their relationship.
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Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé pose together, are they friends?
It all starts in 2012. Kanye West starts to go out with Kim Kardashian and they are very much in love. The two lovebirds do not hide and assume their romance. What you need to know is that Jay Z and Yeezy are very close friends in real life. As a result, North and Beyoncé ‘s mother are likely to cross each other quite often. But this soon becomes a problem when Queen B is the first to open hostilities … Yeah, you may not know, but it is indeed the mother of Blue Ivy who insists she does not Does not want to be associated too much with Kim Kardashian . As a reminder, the daughter of Kris Jenner has built its empire through the incredible wild success of his sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J . One can thus understand the state of mind of the interpreter of “Formation” . The most blatant evidence? The evening of the BET Awards of the same year when the two women are not sitting at all beside each other. Is it then confirmation that they are not friends? It’s very likely! In any case, this photo scares the Web at the time … Years pass and the two moms still do not seem to want to rub shoulders. And yet, through tensions, The surfers have this strong impression that Kim Kardashian desperately tries to become the girlfriend of the singer. A one-way desire?
Interviewed on her relationship with Beyoncé , Kim Kardashian, who is addicted to sport , never hesitates to deny the tensions. But are they friends so far? The story takes a completely different turn during the marriage of the couple Kimye . The reason ? While Queen B is invited and that Jay Z is supposed to be the witness of Kanye West , the Carter-Knowles family decides not to go there. Naturally, one thinks very quickly that the singer has had an impediment but it is not. In reality, the interpreter of “Sorry” is simply on holiday and even post a picture of ” She instagram as to prove to the whole world that she is not interested in the union of the parents of Saint. Internet users see this as a real tackle. Is war then declared between Kimye and the artist? Difficult to know. Especially that a few hours later, the singer takes the time to congratulate the two lovebirds on the social network. It is to understand nothing of it! Is there still hope in this confused relationship? Possible. Anyway, the two women do not seem to care, and it’s probably better that way . Besides, if Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé are not really friends, They seem to have a cordial understanding when they see each other and that’s already it, right? And you, what do you think of their relationship?