Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have completely changed, proof!

Entertainment 31 January, 2017

Who says New Year also says new resolutions! But the couple Kimye did not wait 2017 to begin making radical changes in their lives. Discover the new life of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!
It is not always easy to bear the name “Kardashian” ! Especially for Kim who has not had much luck in the end of year 2016. After having been deflected in Paris during his visit to the Fashion Week which a robber has finally expressed , the bimbo faced To the burn out of Kanye West which was not easy for them both as well as for their family. But Kim Kardashian will have learned good lessons from these last galleys since it is obvious that the Kimye couple has changed. After a long pause on social networks, the queen of Instagram and Twitter has made a comeback to the delight of his fans. But it is not in the same way that the star now appears. If his media coverage and the exposure of his life is the basis of his aggression, it is not only something that has changed in Kim K! His way of dressing, his behavior … It is a new Kim Kardashian that we discover now! More naked selfies then? Still to see …
This is to ET Online a source close to Kimye confided about the couple’s behavior radical change following the various events they experienced recently. First, it is the image of Kim Kardashian has changed since the bimbo appears with a coolest wardrobe and less bling bling: “The style of Kim has definitely changed in some way (. ..) During her days off, she wears less make-up, more comfortable clothes and spends less time on her hair and it works very well for her (…) She no longer wears her clothes as elaborate as she did before ” . With his return on social networks, Kim Kardashian proved that his priority was now his family by sharing various shots of Saint, North or Kanye: “She spends more time with the children and she loves it (…) She is much in fashion mom ” , revealed the same source. Its turning to Paris is definitely the cause of this change for the star: “When a moment of life and death happens to you, follow your husband suffers something similar, you are not very interested in something . She does not care about little things in life ” . As for Kanye West who is recovering from his burn out, the change is also speaking. No plans at the moment for the singer, or clashes or disruptive behavior: “Kanye West is a little better (…) It’s always busy but it does not project into new projects yet He appointments. Involved with regular doctors. the family and Kim make sure to do whatever it takes to do it not relapse ” . A total challenge for Kimye! It is so discreet that vacation Kim Kardashian without Kanye West have revived the divorce rumors … Do you prefer Kimye before the couple or now?