Kim Kardashian back on social networks for money?

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

What if Kim Kardashian’s big return on social networks was just a million dollar story?
A forced return? Yesterday we all rejoiced at the great return of the queen of selfies on the Web. Yes, Kim Kardashian is finally back on Instagram with a photo ultra cute. One discovers the small family Kardashian West in full, an adorable post that met a great success. It must be said that since her aggression in Paris during Fashion Week 2016, the star had deserted social networks. To the great despair of his fans, Kim did not post anything. And then, 2017 has arrived! The year that announced his great return. But there seems to be a special reason for this. Kanye West’s wife would be back among us for a question … money! We’ll explain everything!
A silence that has a price! As you say so, Kim Kardashian would be less rich than Kylie Jenner , is finally here. About 3 months after his assault, would the star need to bail out the crates? Only the queen of selfies can tell us. Because, regarding his return to the sphere of social networks, reason is simple. According to BFM TV , Kim Kardashian was losing on average $ 1 million per month with no activity on Twitter or Instagram . You will understand, it was not necessarily to find his fans … So, we wonder all the same how will report him his latest post, which accounted no less than 3.6 million “like “In just 24 hours. And you what do you think ?