Kim Kardashian dethroned by Beyonce, will she react?

Entertainment 11 April, 2017

Bad news for Kim Kardashian … The star of reality TV is relegated to the background by Beyoncé. Moreover, in terms of popularity, Queen B has just passed him!
Recently, Melty’s editorial revealed that the war resumed between Beyonce and Kim Kardashian . While it was thought that the tensions had subsided, this is not the case. The personality of the small screen even seems extremely jealous of the media exposure around the singer and her pregnancy. Moreover, according to information from the various American tabloids, it tries by all means to return to the light and make talk about it. You are not unaware that after his aggression in Paris, Kim Kardashian was very discreet on Instagram and Twitter . Result? An incredible loss of earnings since social networks are a significant source of income for the wife of Kanye West . But while she’s trying not to lose popularity, Kris Jenner ‘s daughter has competition! And not least because Beyonce has dethroned her. The artist is now the most bankable celebrity on the Web.
According to analysis of D-Marie Analytics , Beyoncé is now the personality that makes the most money thanks to the social networks . If Kim Kardashian can win up to $ 500,000 in advertising for a product on the Web, Queen B, she gets an exorbitant amount for her Instagram posts . The American singer can boast of getting 1 million greenbacks every time she publishes something. Bluffing, is not it? But be careful, Kimmie did not say her last word. The young woman of 36 seems to want to return to the top of the classification. To do so, it continues to promote its Kimoji brand , Hesitates not to reveal photos from her intimacy: with her husband, her children North and Saint or old clichés of her and her younger sisters. In other words, the star of KUWTK is always in the game and risks to surprise us! To be continued. Do you understand the popularity of Beyonce?