Kim Kardashian pregnant? The photo that sows the doubt

Entertainment 12 April, 2017

So, pregnant or not pregnant? Kim Kardashian’s new photo sows the doubt about a possible pregnancy of the star …
Since she announced wanting a third child, all eyes are turned towards the belly of Kim Kardashian. Yeah, remember, in episode 3 of The Incredible Family Kardashian Season 13 , Kanye West ‘s wife announced she was ready to give a little sister or a little brother to North and West. However, reality is more difficult than one might think. After two difficult pregnancies, the reality TV star learned that her health would be seriously endangered if she came to have another baby. Doctors are formal about this. If rumors of surrogate mother circulate for several months on the Web, a brand new photo of Kim Kardashian raises the doubt as to its current state.
But then, where do these rumors come from about the possible pregnancy of Kim Kardashian ? According to the Star website, Khloé’s sister and Kourtney would be pregnant with her third child, despite the significant health risks. The webloid highlights the fact that if Kim K wears loose clothing for several months , it is to hide her apparent baby bump. However, it is necessary to take these rumors lightly since on the last shots, the mother of North and Saint West appears thinner than ever. On top of that, the Kardashian family went to a funeral this week and Kim Kardashian, who was dethroned by Beyoncé in terms of popularity, would not put his future child in danger in high-sensing rides.